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There is the whole World out there, many of us know nothing about. It's World full of creatures stronger, than ordinary human. They are dangerous and keep taking more and more, since they are never satisfied. Hidden in the dark, they are waiting for us. And once they catch the prey, you can never get out. But what if there was a spell, a way to get the World rid of them. And what if the only key to freedom was to fine one certain bloodline...
- Tess is owner, founder and main admin of the site. She plays Elena Gilbert and Alexis Malone

- Nana is general admin and graphic master for the site. She plays Katherine Pierce, Niklaus Mikaelson, Alaska Malone and Amelia

- Cole is admin and plot advisor for the site. She plays Nadia Petrova, Enzo Costa, Bree Reigns and Alchemy Malone


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Post by Elena Gilbert on Fri Jan 03, 2014 7:42 am


1. Your user name should be your character's first and last name. For example: Elena Gilbert, Katherine Pierce.

2. If you plan to be a canon character, you need to check here to see if that character is taken, and post so that they can be marked as such.

3. All avatars should be photographs of the celebrity that you claimed here, after they have been claimed.

4. No God Modding. You can not decide the actions of another person's characters, unless you have their permission either temporarily or permanently.

5. No perfect characters please! Everyone has flaws.

6. There is to be a maximum on 4 characters, then you need permission from an administrator to make more (which you will usually be able to).

7. There is to be no personally attacking handlers.

8. All thread should be rated. The rating must be at the beginning of the title.
eg. '(PG) A Sunny Day'

9. No cannon characters are to die without permission from the admin. If you no longer want to play the cannon, please follow these steps:
  a. Clear out any personal messages.
  b. Copy any topics or posts that you wish to keep (mainly for if you are planning to leave the  
site entirely).
  b. Private message the admin and let us know that you are going to be giving up the
character. We will change the email and password associated with the account and place it up
for adoption.

Have fun!

Elena Gilbert
Elena Gilbert

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