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There is the whole World out there, many of us know nothing about. It's World full of creatures stronger, than ordinary human. They are dangerous and keep taking more and more, since they are never satisfied. Hidden in the dark, they are waiting for us. And once they catch the prey, you can never get out. But what if there was a spell, a way to get the World rid of them. And what if the only key to freedom was to fine one certain bloodline...
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Post by Alaska Malone on Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:28 pm

Samarians: Samarian vampires have origins in Silas and Amara. They were created by witches as a spell for immortality. Whole line of the vampires came out of Original Family, which is also the key to their extinction. Samarian is created by death with blood of another vampire in the system. After that, future vampire awakes from the dead and has approximately 24 hours to feed on blood to complete the transition. If he/she doesn’t, he/she dies for good. This process means that one bloodline is carried from each of Mikaelson siblings, the originals. If one original dies, whole his vampire bloodline dies with him in next few hours.
Samarian vampires cannot stand the sun, unless they are protected by bewitched stone lapis lazuli, usualy inside their jewelry. They possess unhuman speed and stenght, they have power of compulsion and fast healing. They get stronger the older they are. Also, they are unrecognizible from humans unless they use one of their superpowers or turn their face vampire (red eyes, veins visible, fangs out).  Their weaknesses, except for alredy mentioned sun, are also stake into their heart, werewolf bite, fire, decapitation and vervain, that won’t kill them, but hurts badly and weakens their strenghts.
Special group is Original family. All mentioned weapons may hurt them or temporarily kill them, yet to actually kill an original, white oak stake is needed. Special case is Niklaus Mikaelson, who is original hybrid. To temporarily kill an Original, therefore control if he stays „dead“ or not and not killing whole bloodline in the same time, white oak ash dagger is needed. As long as dagger stays in heart of Original, he remains „dead“. Originals are also the only ones created by a spell, not by normal process.

Samarian vampires can on a rare occasions develop a sire bond, when created. That happens when they strongly feel towards their creator alredy before their death. In such occassion, the sired vampire is devoted to the one he/she is sired to and would do anything for the person. Unlike with Hybrid sire bond, this type of sire bond is unbreakable and the only way to partly avoid it's effects is to set the sired vampire free. After their transition, Samarian still have human feelings, yet much stronger and ofter hard to handle, for they can chose to turn them off completely.
Marcineans: Marcinean Vampires came from Marcus Corvinus and are more rare, than Samarian Vampires. The reson is simple. To become one, person needs only to be bitten and by that, infected with vampire virus, which causes death within hour in most cases. Those who survive however, typicaly posses pale skin, are very cold-blooded, which means they have low temperature and are allergic to sunlight and ultraviolet light. Again, they have super strenght and healing ability, they are immune towards vervain, they cannot do cumpulsion. However, there isn't a spell to protect them from the sunlight unless they are directly related to the original vampire, Marcus Corvinus. 

Marcineans have their own elders, which they respect no matter what (usually). Those vampires are the oldest and posses the biggest knowledge. Also, Marcinean Vampires are able to reproduce with each other, creating a pureblood vampire, stronger, than the created ones. And also they can reproduce with lycans, creating hybrids. To kill Marcineans other than with sunlight, you need to cause them big damage, such as decapitation or destroying their hearts. Simply stake won't really work. Thanks to the war with Lycans its also known that lycan attack can kill Marcinean as well.

Except for being pale and extremely cold, Marcineans are also hard to recognize from humans on normal basis. Only when they feed or attack, their eyes turn very bright and their fangs come out. For their Elders is also typical to go to "sleep" for a few centuries, leaving another elder to rule in meantime.

Rainians: Rainians are vampires created again, only by transition. They cannot reproduce, just like Samarians. They are also sensitive to the light, but somehow not as much as others. Light is also mostly their only weakness. It depends a lot on their age how long they are able to resist the sunlight without dying. They are known to have extra strenght and speed. They have pale skin, luminous eyes and fingernails like glass. Their whole body becomes perfect after their transition and it is impossible to change. For example if they cut their hair, they grow back into original lenght within a few hours. That means Rainians remain the same for whole eternity from the point they died.

To create new Rainian, they feed on human to the point of his death, just to offer him drink their blood in the end. After drinking blood of Rainian in such a state, person suffers great pain from dying body and turn within a few minutes. Rainians don't posses any power of compulsion and they cannot really hide their fangs, but they are unnaturaly beautiful, and perfect in seducing, which gives them the advantage back. They tend to sleep in coffins during the day and sometimes, they can also decide to spent decades if not centuries in their coffins, just hybernating. 

Rainians are also incredibly talented in arts, for some reason. Their biggest weaknesses are sun and fire. And of course, total destruction. Unlike Marcineans and Samarians however, the older Rainians are, the more likely they survive on sunlight for a short period of time, without any special protection. Yet still, sun and fire are deadly for them. They are typical for having still their human emotions even after transition, only heightened.

Lithians: Just like all others, even Lithians cannot stand sunlight and garlic, mirrors and photographs are only myth. Their blood can be used as a drug and is even sold on black market. However, too much of it can cause more issues than advantages. Lithians look like normal humans as well, their only difference are fangs, which they show when seeing blood or in unstable emotional state.

To create a Lithian is almost the same as with Rainians, the difference is, that instead of pain and quick transition comes burrial, where newborn has to be burried with his "maker". After that, they share very strong bond, hard to explain to any other species. Some would say it is somehow similar to sire bond with Samarians. Even this bond between newborn Lithian and his creator is strong and possibly broken only by the "maker". Newborn Lithians are often driven mainly by their instincts and become more human and emotional with their age.
- Werewolves are cursed by the full moon. They have to be born with werewolf gene and the curse it started, when they kill another person. Either accidental or on purpose. During the month, they can easily live like normal humans, they possess a bigger strenght, but not as big as at full moon. They also tend to be more agressive and ordinary bullet won't hurt them that much. When they get angry, their eyes may become yellow for a few moments. Once they turn, they live in packs mostly. They have also ability to recognize vampires by the smell. Their biggest weaknesses are silver and wolfsbane.


- Lycans are coming from Willam Corvinus' bloodline and for long years served as slaves to Marcinean Vampires, before the war between species began. They possess immortality, super strenght and agility, they can turn anytime they wish so. To become one, the person has to be bitten by lycan. Just all the vampires, even lycan have very strong healing ability, stronger, than werewolves. They can turn anytime they want. Their biggest weakness is silver, extra useful are silver bullets, which is thing that connects them the most with werewolves.

-There are two types of hybrids, one comes from Samarian Vampires and werewolves, their Original ancestor is Niklaus Mikaelson and to create them, person has to be a werewolf turned into a vampire and feed on blood of a doppelganger or Klaus‘ child. ‚Samarian‘ hybrids can turn into their wolf form anytime they want, their bite can kill Samarian vampire. They feed on blood and possess the same powers as Samarian vampires, but are immune against sun, vervain or stakes to the heart. The way to kill them is decapitation. They are sired to their creator and the only way to break to sire bond is to keep turning into a werewolf, which means extremely painful process.
The other type of hybrid is combination of Marcinean Vampire and Lycan. To be one, person has to carry both genes since birth, which means being also direct ancestor to Corvinus‘ family. This type of hybrid is even more rare, for the only way to become one right now, is to be born as one. ‚Marcinean‘ hybrids don’t possess typical werewolf form, they are, just like the other hybrids more immune towards typical weapons against lycans and Marcinean Vampires.  
- Witches have to be born with their talent. They are strongly connected with nature and keep grimoires in whole generations. Powerful witch can create a jewelry for Samarian vampires to protect them from sunlight, she can make herself ageless and do spells that protect her from all supernatural beings. The highest witch is Bree Reigns.


- Travellers are basically witches as well, however they tend to use different types of magic, since once, witches cursed the lands against them and they are not able to gain their powers from nature anymore. Being a traveller is gained by birthright and won't disappear even if one looses his magical powers, for example by becoming a vampire. They live in normandic style, are always traveling. They share their knowledge from generation to generation in closed circle, which also means very little is known about them.


- First hunters were created by witches to protect the World mainly from vampires. The hunter gene is also carried in the bloodline and once hunter dies, another one is awaken. Hunters are immune towards abilities like compulsion from Samarian vampires. They have super strenght and have strong urge to kill all the dangerous supernatural creatures, which means they devote their lives to it. Only a witch can make a spell and help their selfcontrol if needed.

- Hunters can also be ordinary humans, but that shall also be their disadvantage. Those hunters also devote their lives to hunting and studying supernatural, but they can never gain super powers and often die very young and very soon.


- It is very rare for human to become a spirit somehow bound to the World of living. It is not, however, rare for supernatural beings. Dead supernatural creatures tend to either stay on Earth or are taken to the complete darkness. To see those who stayed, one need to be on the edge of death itself and survive, which can bring possibility of seeing them all the time. Or on the rare occasions, when witches do the spell to reveal spirits for some reason. Unless revealed, spirits don't possess any particular power, except for dead witches, who, if strong during their life, can often do magic even from beyond the grave.


- Humans are all beings, that yet don't posses any kind of special power or curse. Only very few of them can become Marcineans, hybrids or werewolves. They also have to be born as future witches, dopplegangers or hunters, but those abilities they cannot gain at their own will. Sometimes, they don't gain them at all. There are, of course, species, that allow any human to become one. In general, humans don't have any special ability, most of them is unaware of the whole supernatural world and it's rules, even if some of them are coming from certain bloodlines close to the mystic world.

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