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There is the whole World out there, many of us know nothing about. It's World full of creatures stronger, than ordinary human. They are dangerous and keep taking more and more, since they are never satisfied. Hidden in the dark, they are waiting for us. And once they catch the prey, you can never get out. But what if there was a spell, a way to get the World rid of them. And what if the only key to freedom was to fine one certain bloodline...
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Post by Elena Gilbert on Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:06 am

Just when it was meant to be over of all troubles, the darkness is coming. And it's up to our heroes and villains if they face it together or if they will fight for their own goals. Nature always wanted balance, supernatural beings always tend to ruin. So nature got angry and created family line, that can stop this all. Nobody knew but one ancient witch, who died and left only her grimoire. Grimoire that contains the biggest and most dangerous secret for the whole supernatural World. The secret that would completely erase supernatural from the world. And send all the beings into ultimate darkness one, by one. Who gets hold of a grimoire? Who gets hold of the members of the family? Who will fight against who? That is for you to decide...

If you pick a canon character, you can pick him/her at any time point during the show, which means 2009 - 2014 more or less. That's current age we play in. Exact year will be specified, but you may pick for example Caroline still as human even in year 2014 and make her vampire later. We hovewer encourage you all to first talk to people closely involved with your character, so you may get adjusted to changes in the plot, relationships and so on, before you actualy start to role-play.

Have fun!
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